LAL 2015 Videos

Prashant Narang | Right to Property

Citing Manushi judgment, Advocate Prashant Narang compares the property rights of cycle rickshaw pullers, street vendors and auto rickshaw drivers and advocated for abolishing one man-one permit policy in case of auto rickshaws

Khagesh Gautam | Right to Property

Prof. Khagesh Gautam introduces his work-in-progress on an empirical study of Supreme Court Judgments involving a challenge to Article 19(1)(f) of the Indian Constitution.

James Huffman

Speaking on the 'State’s right to exercise eminent domain' and 'how the difference in the public opinion influences the judiciary to take discourses from its past judgements'. Prof. James Huffman, Erskine Wood Sr.

James Kelly | Individual Rights vs Minority Rights

Prof James Kelly, President, Solidarity Center for Law and Justice, Atlanta, Georgia USA, spoke on, ‘How liberty is being questioned or restricted in the education sector because of racial, caste, class based reservations in the

Gautam Bhatia | Individual Rights v. Minority Rights

Advocate Gautam Bhatia analyses the conflict between Article 25(1) (the individual freedom of conscience) and Article 26 (the rights of religious denominations to manage their own affairs) with focus, in particular, on the D

Vikramjit Banerjee | Individual Rights vs Minority Rights

Advocate Vikramjit Banerjee maps the various phases/ avatars of Indian Constitution and thinks, post-2014 elections, there is possibility of going back to individual rights and the rule of law as the basis of governance as was e

Shruti Rajgopalan | Separation of Powers

What happens when Judiciary breaches Doctrine of Separation of Powers? Watch Shruti discussing a case study of Indian Judiciary and doing an economics analysis.

Shubho Roy | Separation of Powers–Judicial Activism

Shubho Roy, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy lambasts the executive for breach of Separation of Powers as most rules, notices and regulations limiting Article 19(1)(g) are not ‘law’ as per Article 13 of the Const

Arghya Sengupta | Separation of Powers–Judicial Activism

Citing numerous judgments and orders of National Green Tribunal, Arghya Sengupta, Vidhi Centre for Law and Policy criticises the tribunal for activist policy making and the ‘ban’ culture.

Dr Geeta Gouri | License-Permit Raj to Competition Era

Before introducing each panelist and respective themes, Geeta Gouri as the Moderator for the Panel Discussion raises a pertinent question - Shouldn't CCI be focussed on efficiency only instead of caring for equity?

Prof Anna Lamut | License-Permit Raj to Competition Era

Exploring the multi jurisdictional facets of competition law, Prof Anna Lamut discusses the example of automobile parts price-fixing investigation, which has seen investigations of and even judgments against automobile parts com

Dr Vijay Kumar Singh | License-Permit Raj to Competition Era

Prof Vijay Kumar Singh asks, how far have we moved from the license/permit raj to competition era? Does CCI disappoint you as well?

Prof Avirup Bose on Competition Law in India | Liberty vs. Equality

Prof Avirup Bose elaborates the central dilemma inherent in the functioning of India’s regulatory state, and how pro-market regulatory designs have not translated into conducive regulatory decisions as in-spite of independence and mandate.

Shruti Rajgopalan | Concept of Socialism vs. Constitutionalism in India | Liberty vs. Equality

There has been a decline in rule of law in India, reflected in the frequent amendments to the Indian Constitution. Shruti Rajgopalan, Asst.

Prof Satya Prateek on Reservations | Liberty vs. Equality

Focusing on the Indian Supreme Court’s understanding of the Right to Equality in general and state-sponsored affirmative action in particular, Prof Satyaprateek (JGLS) raised some inconvenient questions: Does the constitutional