LAL 2015: Agenda / Theme




18 September 2015 | Friday

1100 -1115 hrs Welcome address Dr C Rajkumar, Vice-Chancellor, O P Jindal Global University
1115 - 1130 hrs Opening remarks Dr Parth J Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society
1130 – 1230 hrs Key Note Address Prof Michael C. Davis​, Visiting Professor, University of Hong Kong
1230 – 1245 hrs # Best Student Research Paper Award Announcement  
1245 – 1345 hrs Lunch  
1345 – 1515 hrs Liberty vs. Equality: Is precedence to Directive Principles of State Policy over Fundamental Rights judicial activism or constitutional mandate? Prof Satya Prateek,  Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Centre on Public Law & Jurisprudence, Jindal Global Law School (JGLS);
Prof Shruti Rajgopalan, Assistant Professor in Economics at Purchase College, State University of New York
Prof Harsimran Kalra, Assistant Professor, Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP)
1515 – 1530 hrs Tea/ Coffee break  
1530 – 1700 hrs License-Permit Raj to Competition Era: Competition law policy as it relates to reforming a burdensome regulatory legal system that interferes with free-markets in favour of one that promotes competition, entrepreneurship, and individual choice Prof Avirup Bose, Assistant Professor (competition law and policy), Jindal Global Law School, (Former) Expert Consultant, Competition Commission of India;
Dr Vijay Kumar Singh, Associate Professor and Head at the School of Corporate Law, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA); Former Deputy Director (Law), Competition Commission of  India, India;
Madhavi Divan, Advocate  - The Supreme Court of India, Delhi;
Prof Anna Lamut, Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School

19 September 2015 | Saturday

1030 – 1230 hrs Separation of Powers: Judicial activism usurping executive powers, especially as it relates to interference with, and regulation of, commerce Prof Saikrishna Prakash, James Monroe Distinguished Professor of Law, Horace W. Goldsmith Research Professor, University of Virginia, US;
Arghya Sengupta, Research Director, Vidhi Centre for Law and Policy, Delhi;
Shubho Roy, Legal Consultant – National Institute for Public Finance and Policy, Delhi
1230 – 1330 hrs Lunch  
1330 – 1500 hrs Individual Rights v. Minority Rights: The need to protect individual rights from group rights of minorities and other disadvantaged groups Vikramjit Banerjee, Advocate – Supreme Court of India;
Gautam Bhatia, Rhodes Scholar, Author and Advocate, Delhi;
James Kelly, Director of International Affairs - Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, US
1500 – 1515 hrs Tea/ Coffee break  
1515 – 1645 hrs Right to Property: Protecting the right to property from legal and regulatory infringement at all levels of government Prof James Huffman, Erskine Wood Sr. Professor of Law, Lewis and Clarke Law School;
Prof Khagesh Gautam, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Centre on Public Law and Jurisprudence, JGLS;
Prashant Narang, Advocate - iJustice
1645 – 1650 hrs Vote of Thanks Prashant Narang, Advocate - iJustice